Energy Management

High energy costs and imminent climate change are subjects that concern everybody nowadays. It is for this reason, now more than ever, that safeguarding the future means the efficient use of limited resources for us, the Hagener Feinstahl GmbH.

Our operational energy policy, too, is formulated on the basis of the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. The most important objective is to develop and design all processes from procurement through production and to sales optimally so that, on the one hand resources are conserved and on the other hand energy is utilized more efficiently thus clearly reducing CO2 emissions. It is for this reason that we have obtained certification according to the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard in June 2013.

This contribution to environmental policy is meant to set the trend for future discussions with our customers and suppliers and will create the opportunity to develop new technologies and potential for improvement through environmental and energy-relevant subject matter.